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Architectural business heavily relies on 3D visualizations in order to be successful and a step ahead of competitors. 3D visualization plays a crucial role in architectural business as a media to interpret design, presentation tool for target audiences and even for a marketing purpose. 3D rendering visualizes what could someday manifest itself physically.

Unfortunately, most architects and architectural startups do not start with big funds, however they have to keep building their project portfolios with fascinating 3D visualizations in order to grow and lure in new clients and projects.

Outsource rendering is the solution for these architectural startups. They can take advantages outsourcing their rendering tasks to a 3D rendering studio whilst focusing on design.

Here are 5 advantages of outsourcing to a professional 3D rendering studio.

1. Outsource rendering cuts operational cost
Quality 3D rendering never comes with low price. Nevertheless, it is essential for every architect and architectural firm to invest in.
Small architectural firms with tight budget might not have enough resources such as full-time in-house 3D artist with appropriate 3D skills and high-end computer to produce quality 3D renderings. Therefore, outsource rendering gives competitive advantage in cost saving.

2. Quality rendering by professional 3D Rendering Studio
Undoubtedly, high quality 3D renderings play an important role in the success of the project. Architects will be boosted in confidence presenting and showcasing their project with high quality 3D renderings.
In order to produce such quality; complex set of skills, sense and experience are required. So, let the professionals do their job!

3. No Binding Commitment
Outsource rendering is a freelance practice where the rendering projects are bestowed to a third-party 3D rendering studio without any long-term agreement.
It gives freedom to architects to work with several 3D rendering studios at the same time; or simply choose another studio to work with if unsatisfied with the current studio.

4. Flexibility
By outsourcing 3D rendering, Architects have flexibility to work with 3D rendering studio that suit their style or projects’ needs. Different 3D rendering studio might adhere different rendering styles; as well as different project might need different style of rendering. Architects need to carefully research their needs and choose the right 3D rendering studio to collaborate.

5. On-time and consistent project delivery
Small design startups with small team and resources might not be able to handle heavy project workloads in timely manner without compromising quality. By outsourcing to a professional 3D rendering studio, they can focus on project designs without worrying their project deadline and quality of renderings that need to be delivered. Just make sure to choose the right professionals to do what they do best!